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Airport transfer

City-Airport-Train: € 12, 16min., twice an hour
Vienna AirportLines, bus to city centre: € 8, 20 min., twice an hour
Taxi: about € 40 to the city center, 15-30 min.

Airport Info about Transfer
Vienna AirportLines


Good direct connections from Bratislava, Budapest, Munich* and Prague.
ÖBB - Austrian Federal Railways

* Due to refugee crisis train service from Germany to Austria and back is currently something "special" (plan at least 1-2 hours extra time in and do not forget your id card for traveling back to Germany).


When arriving by car, consider that there are area-wide short-term parking zones in Vienna. So better check in advance the parking possibilities at your hotel.

You also need a toll sticker for motorways and expressways.

Parking at the Venue

From Monday to Friday 9:00-22:00 the area-wide short-term parking zone is active.

There is a car park named "Garage BC 20" just around the corner at address 1200 Wien, Dresdner Straße 43-47, count with about EUR 4 for a day. The exact price list can be found here (German).
For Friday we were told that the car park gets full fast. On Saturday and Sunday there shoud be plenty space and you may also find parking on the streets, as on the weekend there is no short-term parking active.

 Public transport

Vienna does have 72 hour tickets that are valid for the entire city of Vienna (including trains, streetcars, busses and night busses but excluding taxi). For more information see the website.

For planning your public transport we recommend using the qando app: