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Terms and conditions

Media Policy

Session recording

When you agree to speak at DrupalCamp Vienna, you consent for your talk to be recorded in audio and video format.

We reserve the right to publicly distribute and publish these recordings under a Creative Commons license.


By attending DrupalCamp Vienna you consent to be photographed by us or other attendees. We are allowed to publish those photographs under a Creative Commons license. However, those who are taking photographs must follow our general Code of Conduct

Any photography/recording that is legally allowed in public spaces is allowed at DrupalCamp Vienna.

Photography/recording should be treated like other potentially harassing interpersonal interaction. That is, when one person in the interaction says “stop” or “leave me alone” (etc), the interaction must end. In this case, attendees should not attempt to photograph that individual again.

The subject may inspect the photo/recording at any time and, if requested, the photo/footage/etc must be deleted immediately.

This Photography Policy is influenced by DrupalCamp Brighton and opensourcebridge.org and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Privacy Policy

Drupal Austria is committed to respect your privacy. We collect some data to encourage connections between attendees and to pick the right sessions upon your interests, but will never provide any of your data to a third party without your permission. Please note that any information you choose to post publicly on this site (like comments, public session information or public profile data) can be accessed by anyone.

For attendees and registered user we may collect the following information: Your e-mail, your name, your organization and job title, your drupal.org username and demographic information such as city and country, preferences and interests.

This website uses Google Analytics. We also use Mailchimp to send Newsletter emails to users who subscribe to receive them. More information here.

If you have any concerns about privacy please contact us: info@drupalcamp.at