DrupalCamp Vienna 2015
connecting open minds

Frontend Thunderdome

Frontend & Design
Experience level: 
JavaScript, performance, user experience
Schedule: Saturday, 12:00 in room webshapers

The year is 2015, in the wasteland that is the internet frontend community, Decoupled Drupal is all the rage.

China, India and the African continent are releasing an army of juggernaut armed with cheap or "outdated" hardware onto the internet. Clients wants single page apps, fancy JS frontend, app-level experience for their next coporate social media extranet, better known as the "corporate cat picture library".

This developer stuck in the methane refinery of web development will pit juggernauts against client's obnoxious wishes in… The Frontend Thunderdome.

This talk is about putting reality back into the current mass hysteria around full js frontend. It features 5 years old hardware, angular, ember, performance and graphs.