DrupalCamp Vienna 2015
connecting open minds


PHP Day and DrupalCamp Vienna is a non-profit event to promote Drupal, the Free & Open Source web framework and PHP, the Free & Open Source web programming language. The event is organized by community volunteers of the Drupal Austria Association in cooperation with the Vienna PHP User group. More than 400 attendees will gather for this regional conference at FH Technikum Wien to meet, attend sessions and talk about PHP and Drupal.

Group photo of DrupalCamp Vienna 2009

Drupal is a mature and accepted web platform that continues to expand into all markets. Still, the Drupal community retains its core values of openness, accessibility, and inclusion. Drupal 8 is expected to be released on November 19, 2015 and clearly represents our slogan connecting open minds. By integrating parts of the PHP Framework Symfony, it shows that our growing community is ready to connect and collaborate with the outside world.

PHP is the lingua franca of the web having a market share of 80% among programming languages. PHP has evolved a lot in recent years and with the introduction of Namespaces into the language a new era of collaboration has begun between many projects using PHP. The package manager Composer helps to facilitate sharing of PHP components as libraries that can be used by multiple projects. Therefore the community momentum is now at an all time high.

PHP Day and DrupalCamp Vienna features sessions and presentations by international and national speakers, both from the Drupal/PHP community and from related communities. We will be connecting open minds by reaching out to speakers and visitors from connected technologies such as Symfony or JavaScript. Expect sessions on the following topics:

  • Coding & Development
  • Frontend & Design
  • Site Building
  • Content Strategy
  • Business
  • Usergroups & Community

DrupalCamp Vienna 2015 is Austria's third conference to connect the active Drupal open source community with local business, designers and developers.

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